Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Texas Independence

Today is Texas Independence Day.

March 2, 1836, representatives of the citizenry gathered at Washington-on-the-Brazos and adopted Texas’ Declaration of Independence. Bowie, Travis, Crockett, et al, had been gathered at the Alamo and under siege by Santa Anna and his troops since Feb 23rd. It would fall only four days later.

I stopped by the local “C” Store for a bottle of Ozarka Water, from Piney Woods Springs, Woods County, Texas to celebrate the morn. I couldn’t find any Utopia brand. As I drank it, I read: ”To Texas” by Joe B. Franz.
To Texas-

Joyous and sparkling,
Evergreen when it rains,
enduring in drought,
Timeless, endless in
boundaries, exciting,
Home to the adventurous of
yesterday and today,
With shrines from the past
And space and spirit for the
To Texas,
Everlasting in the hearts of
your people!
That was just after I had voted in our primary elections. On the way to work, at a light, a young fellow got out of his car, ran over to my window and asked if I had voted. I said: “I had.” Having seen my Kinky Friedman for Governor sticker in the back window of my truck, he wanted to remind me to vote for Kinky for Ag. Commissioner this time around.

Lordy, I love Texas and am proud to be a native son…


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