Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey, y'all

I am a son of the South. When writing, as well as when speaking, I tend towards use of our great Southern colloquialism “Y’all”. In a humorous email sent out today among our EFM class I wrote it once again. One of our group was intrigued by the word and researched its etymology. He sent back the dictionary definition and I took “minor” exception to his findings as they seemed not to recognize its legitimate use in a singular manner. So, for all y’all out there here is my understanding of the correct declination of the word in its various forms, though always a pronoun of neuter gender.

Y’all 2nd person, Singular or Plural
Y’all’s 2nd person, Singular or Plural – Possessive form
All Y’all 2nd person, Plural ONLY
All Y’all’s 2nd person, Plural ONLY – Possessive form

Be advised, this does not necessarily describe its usage in those most famous last words of many a youthful redneck Texas male: “Hey y’all, hold my beer and watch this.”

And that, boys & girls, is today’s lesson in English of the Southland.


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