Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a sad day

It would seem that political correctness and social justice are more important to "The Episcopal Church" than maintaining continuity with an historic faith the Anglican Communion has attempted to follow for nigh onto 2000 years. I suggest it will get worse before it gets better; and where we, as a Diocese, end up yet remains to be seen. From my point of view the "liberal wing" of "the Church" has won out.

Fortunately, the apparent intent of D025 is strictly in regard to same sex relationships; however, down what path will our Church go trod? Surely the desire to recognize the needs of all God's children is paramount; but at what cost to the greater good? At times isn't a call to repentance and change also a part of the equation?

I've long felt that I am a Texan (a citizen of that great Republic, not the State). Likewise, I've long said I'm Anglican first and foremost; and will remain so, but where does that mean I find myself? If I've learned one thing from EFM, it is that when politics are allowed to be mixed with matters of faith, politics wins out and the faithful are the lesser for its inteference.

'Tis a sad day, my brothers & sisters.


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