Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Uncommon ground

I’ve got this “coffee table” book called “The Amazing Faith of Texas” by Roy Spence that I peruse from time to time. Subtitled Common Ground on Higher Ground it’s a compendium of photos of Texans from a wide array of faith backgrounds across our entire state along with comments about their faith. Sometimes even in relation to their love of Texas. I reopened it at lunch time again today and felt compelled to share.

You see, I feel it’s difficult to live in God’s Country and not be in relationship with him; lots of us down here feel that same way. This book illuminates some of their thoughts with a bit of further explanation as to why they are so dearly held.

The author defines our common ground in three categories. I’ve chosen a few of my favorite quotes from each to share:

Common Ground found in Faith
“Faith is like riding in a car with Ray Charles driving. If you can’t ride in a car with Ray Charles driving, man, you ain’t got faith” – Pastor Rudy Rasmus (Methodist)
“Don’t mix your thoughts with your heart. Because your heart is always right.” – Louis Beareagle (Shaman)
“We Texans never give up. Neither does God. Could it be that God is a Texan?” – Lynn Kindler (Seeker, believer)
“God is beyond our capacity to define.” – Rabbi Samuel Karff (Wise man, Kind man)

Common Ground found in the Golden Rule
“I say Allah, you say God. It’s the same.” – Jilan Bruce (Muslim)
“We have been put here by God, and we have an innate knowledge about how we should live.” – Garland Robertson (Mennonite, Peace Activist)

and, Common Ground found in Values.
“Your faith should be able to withstand the heaviest tearing apart you can do with it.” – Jimmie Dale Gilmore (Singer, Buddhist)
“Charity is giving up your tortilla, Honey, when it’s the only one.” – Lydia Hernandez (Presbyterian)
“I kneel, you stand. I fold my hands, you put them out. We’re doing the same thing.” – Bianca Aguilar (Catholic)
“Forgiveness is God’s way of teaching you love.” – Aniela Maree Costello (Mother, Baha’i)

Pax, y'all.


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