Thursday, July 03, 2008

Go in Peace, Peter

Just caught up with the doings in Jerusalem by our brothers and sisters of the Global South, and am deeply saddened. You can read reports here and here.

I've for some time felt that P. Akinola (am hesitant to pay respect to his title) is a most dangerous person within our Anglican Communion. Reports from recent meetings and their "Jerusalem Declaration" go far to reinforce my thoughts. It seems "Lord Peter" is finally effecting what he's desired for some time, a split within the historic faith and a shot at being named archbishop of his own fiefdom.

I hope I've found God's peace and grace and am of the opinion that is the message, and the only message of our Lord Jesus Christ: "Love God and love your neighbor, as I love you." All else is "buttons". And, that's a hard message to follow.

For quite some time now, Akinola has exhibited far too much judgment and desire for power within his realm; and offered far too little peace, grace and forgiveness towards those with whom he disagrees. Over and over, from he and his followers, we have seen a distinct lack of charity to the detriment of those with whom they are in disagreement. IMHO that's what we are constantly warned against in the Book that Peter A. and his troop espouse to "uphold". His pronouncements are not the message of my Anglican faith, nor my understanding of the catholic faith for that matter.

However, if I learned little else in last year's EFM class; it's that these "turf wars" have existed since our beginnings. Man is called to establish his relationship with the Father based upon his limited knowledge of Him. Then I suppose the question becomes: "What is Peter and his follower's knowledge?" Not mine for sure and hopefully not that of many others.

We have long been counseled to beware of false prophets. Is Akinola a false prophet; quien sabe, who knows? In any case, my being afraid of having to make hard decisions, it appears that by Divine Providence, direction continues to be given. Thanks be to God.


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