Sunday, July 27, 2008

A groaner

At EFM last year we had several discussions about N. T. Wright or John Shelby Spong's "take" on any given theological position. As anyone who has read them both knows, their positions are almost diametrically opposed.

Anyway, I've just finished reading N. T. Wright's Judas and the Gospel of Jesus and at Church this a.m. ran into all three of the upcoming year four students in our EFM Class. I was so taken with the book's applicability to upcoming studies and its tying of years three and four together, I had to tell all that they really ought to read it before beginning year four. One of the three said that though he had read Wright he much perferred Spong, to which I had to reply: "Well, I guess you're either Wright or Spong."

Don't be groaning too loud, now.


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